Facet is not a new blockchain. It's a new way to use Ethereum.
Think outside the block.
Facet is an alternative to Layer 2 scaling that doesn't sacrifice security or decentralization.
Facet is not a new blockchain – it’s simply Ethereum from a new perspective, an L1+.
  • All Facet transactions are Ethereum Transactions.
  • All Facet data is stored on Ethereum.
  • No “bridging” necessary.
Facet is the only scaling solution that preserves core Ethereum principles:
(Based Intent)
Every Facet TX is an Ethereum Transaction - every contract deployment, every user TX.
Unlike L2s, Facet cannot restrict who can send transactions – even if it wanted to.
(Based Consensus)
Leveraging Ethereum’s trusted consensus mechanism, all Facet TXs are ordered and finalized by Ethereum's network – NOT by a centralized L2 sequencer - preserving Facet’s neutrality and ensuring fairness and reliability in every operation.
100% Uptime
(Mirrored Reliability)
Facet mirrors the robustness and continuity of Ethereum itself. If Ethereum is up, Facet is up.
Facet is the only scaling approach that guarantees 100% uptime, matching Ethereum’s operational continuity.
Immediate Finality
Facet achieves block finality in direct synch with Ethereum’s own finality (~15 min), eliminating the need for lengthy waits and complex bridging processes typical of L2 solutions.
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Power up your development by running the FacetVM – the off-chain compute that handles logic, validation, and state persistence, leveraging robust APIs to interact with Facet Smart Contracts.
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Think outside the block.
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